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Friday, January 30, 2015
Since the back and spine take on so much movement, weight, and responsibility day in and day out, it is imperative to keep the spine as healthy as possible. Most of the population will experience back and spine problems at some point in their life, but most are not aware that there are ways to stop the pain and discomfort.
Keeping your back in shape will not permanently remove back problems, but they will keep them to a minimum throughout your life. Follow these basic tips to strengthen your spine and see how much less time you spend in agony because of your back. 

1. Exercise Regularly

It is important to not stay stagnant and keep  body active. No matter your age you should always keep your spine in shape by giving it something to do. This includes participating in strengthening exercises like weight lifting, aerobics, or just simply walking. Having a exercise routine will keep your back strong and in shape and prevent your spine from weakening. If you cannot get into a regular exercise routine at least work on back stretches to keep joints and muscles fluid.

2. Work on Your Weight

Being overweight can be tough for you, but just think what it does to your spine. Work on losing weight and eating right to take some weight, stress, and pressure off your back.

3. Learn to Lift

Lifting heavy items is a task for everyone, and it especially puts a burden on your spine. When lifting refrain from twisting and jolting, as this is the most harmful movement the spine can endure. If you must lift something heavy, get as close to the object as possible and use your legs as leverage to pull the item up instead of your back.
Remember to also keep your back straight. If you cannot pick up the object yourself, try pushing it instead of pulling it. This will also alleviate stress on your back and spine. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help when moving heavy things.

4. Bend and Reach

If you are picking something up off the floor, do not bend at your waist and reach for it. Instead, like when lifting, get close to the object and bend and kneel at your knees, dropping low to the floor to retrieve it. Oppositely, don't stretch, strain, and reach for something too high up, as this could injure the top of your spine and neck.

5. Be Conscious of Your Posture

Sometimes we probably get lost in work, thought, or conversation and forget the position we are in. If you find yourself slouching and hunching over, you could also find yourself with back troubles in no time. When working at a desk sit with the screen directly below your eyeline so you are not forced to keep your neck bent. Sit with your chair leaned back slightly - sitting straight up for long periods of time is just as damaging on your back as hunching over all day. Raise your chair to a level that allows your knees to remain at a comfortable 90°. For the tall people in the workplace, this might require using a desk riser or riser for your computer monitor to maintain the correct eyeline.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is important in all aspects of life and health. Most people contribute stress in their lives to being sleep deprived, and this tends to carry in their bodies. When sleeping try not to sleep on your stomach, as this puts pressure on your spine. Instead, try sleeping on your side. Additionally, invest in a good mattress that will support you for years to come.

7. Visit a Chiropractor

See your doctor or chiropractor for check ups regularly. If you are having back or neck pain, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment to have it looked at. Do not ignore any problems or pains. After all the last thing you want is for your condition to worsen. It is better to be safe than sorry where your spine is concerned.
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Posted by: Caitlin Rickard
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