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Dr. Randy E. Yucha

Dr. Randy Yucha has been treating and caring for patients for over 25 years. He has helped thousands of patients over the years and plans to help many, many more. He has performed over 1 million adjustments! He grew up in the Pottstown Area, graduated form St. Pius X High School. He graduated from St. Joseph’s University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Dr. Yucha obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Temple University and cared for patients suffering from substance abuse. Then, after graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1988, he was very anxious to return home to serve his community. He has been treating and caring for patients in this area for over 25 years, starting his own private practice in 1990.

Dr. Yucha is a devoted family man, with family always being number one! He is a devoted husband to his wife, Caren, for over 19 years and is a caring, loving father of 3 children, Sarah, Tyler and Jordan. Dr. Yucha is a car enthusiast, enjoys exercising daily, island vacations, summer cookouts, swimming with his family and friends, and his golf game is always a “Work in Progress”! He believes in positive thinking, goal setting, and daily affirmations. Dr. Yucha is an expert in patient relationship building. He strives to continually improve himself and his relationships with his family, friends, patients, and acquaintances. He also strives to make people feel special and welcome in his office and his life!

Over the years, Dr. Yucha has come to specialize in the relief of Acute and Chronic pain, utilizing conservative techniques for headache relief, disc problems, and spinal issues (injuries). His incredible sensitivity and ability to listen to his patients has brought him to realize that there are people out there who have not been under chiropractic care because they are fearful. It’s common for a person to fear going to a chiropractor because they think it may hurt and that the doctor is literally going to “crack” their bones. Many people who could benefit from chiropractic miss out on this because of the fear of the unknown. It is for this reason that Dr. Yucha purchased computerized, cutting edge technology so that he would be able to offer these people the newest advances in the chiropractic field. The Pro-Adjuster allows the Dr. Yucha to perform adjustments painlessly, without the “popping” and “cracking” noises, and without the twisting, jerking and pulling motions that tend to keep potential patients out of a chiropractic office. Yucha Chiropractic is the first office in the Tri-County area to introduce the Pro-Adjuster as part of the treatment of their patients.

Dr. Yucha is aware of the ever increasing need for the ability to offer more ways to get his patients better, faster and quicker. His steps on accomplishing these goals have led him and his office to a new medically integrated approach which offers pain relieving medical procedures performed by board certified in Pain Management and Antiaging MD’s and trained nurse practitioners. Along with the integrated medical Proetz, he is able to offer more efficient medical weight loss with hCG which allows patients to lose fat much faster than mainstream dining plans. More recently, Dr. Yucha has noticed the ever-increasing need for a good, solid, workable solution to weight management. He has taken it upon himself to research the finest, most successful and realistic plan to guide his patients to a healthier weight/healthier lifestyle. Dr. Yucha’s Weight Management plan combines personalized consultation with safe, scientifically developed products that zero in on maintaining your strength and vitality while you safely lose weight. While losing fat, clients continue to retain muscle mass and strength which is the ultimate combination needed and wanted during weight-loss. The availability of this medically integrated approach will only further benefit his patients and the community.
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